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Our performance

Our company was founded in 2008, and in the course of time, we have made a large number of our customers happy. Among our clients are individual customers as well as developers in Estonia and Sweden. Over the years, we have firmly maintained our market position, and our success is due to happy customers who have always recommended us to others. Our work baggage contains both small, e.g. construction of a small shed, and large-scale development projects.

About us

Production of elements


With provide construction elements, which you can use to build a high quality house, cottage, garage, shed or sauna in a very short time.


Production of trusses


We provide roof trusses, if the walls of your house are already erected, or you are planning to replace the old roof.




You can order a house project with all approvals and apply for a building permit. We provide a truss project, which determines what kind of truss you need, with strength calculations and truss spacing.